How to describe myself?

If I met you at a party I would say, Hi! I’m Mariel, I’m a lifelong maker. I’m an artist, a designer and I (try to) sell my work online.

“Hi! How are you? What do you do?”, I would ask you.

{insert your answer here or in the comments below}

We would probably go back and forth and eventually I would have to go into the following monologue for the sake of a clear “about” page for this site.

Well, Hi!

My name is Mariel. I am here to present my work, some of it. A lot of it is part of my sketch journals and papers I have collected with ideas that’s in several journals, binders and boxes. I try and keep most of my notes in the hopes that one day I could put it all together and create something with it.

Here I am. After many attempts at showing my work online here is the latest iteration of that. Tada!!!

What I do….

I love to sew. My most intentional skill in terms of creating ideas in 3D.

I love to cook. Taught myself to be a chef for myself because I knew that I loved food and it would take a lot of work and money to eat at restaurants all the time to keep that passion satisfied.

I love to write. My first love is my journal. Started a version of it, Volume I when I was 11, now on Volume 55. I love it. I love filling up a page with words and thoughts, whether on a computer or by hand. I lurv it.

AND I like to dip my toe into curiosities about how to fix this and that, something around the house, a hack of some sort, tool skills, materials available, etc. or a skill I never thought of before.

The point is I’m here. I’m a creator. I’m an explorer and deep diver into things I find interesting.

In terms of my work I will share it in the shop and write about here and there. I like the things I will choose to show you, otherwise they remain in a box labeled, “Didn’t want to throw out, but good idea!”, so don’t worry I won’t waste your time.

If you like my style I would be flattered. Attention is scarce these days, taken over by a life of amazing information and wonder out there so if you happen to be here reading this I welcome you and I appreciate your attention. Hopefully you’ll find something or hear about something you like.

Thanks for coming by!

Welcome to the studio!

Mariel Monica